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It's from my mother. It's heavy. It must be her hopes and dreams for me.

...I thought she discarded those years ago...

Lorelai Gilmore
7 September
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Name: Lorelai Gilmore
Nicknames: Lor
Age: 38
Hometown: Hartford, CT
Marital Status: Single

Series: Gilmore Girls
Timeline: Post canon.

For angelsandasses, Lorelai is taken from post series finale with Rory. They drove through New Jersey on a whim and are now stuck. Lorelai now manages The Times Inn, missing her own.

with the poodles


More to come...


I am not Lorelai, nor am I Lauren Graham. I am merely an enthusiastic, fledgling writer in college. That's right college. So, I'm legal and poor. This is all for fun.

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AIM: suchaheartleads

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